LIPSYNCED is Drag Race meets Lipsync Battle with a quieter Billy on the Street as the host. Toronto’s best improvisers lip sync for their lives with the help of Drag Assassins. The points don’t matter as much as the wigs, the heels, and the OVER THE TOP commitment to knowing all of the words to Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake”.

LIPSYNCED: Girl Groups Edition

Friday March 6 / 10 PM
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Toronto’s best improvisers LIP SYNC for their LIVES.

The time has come for improvisers to LIP SYNC for their lives! Toronto’s sassiest improvisers do scenes based on songs from the BIGGEST GIRL GROUPS EVEEEEER. Every scene ends in them lip syncing the HAUS down. But don’t worry, they have the help of fierce DRAG ASSASSINS!

It’s part IMPROV SHOW, part DRAG SHOW, part GAME SHOW, all PARTY!

YOU the audience helps decide who will stay and who will sashay away, so…DON’T FUCK IT UP!

Last month we sold out DAYS in advance…SO WHAT R U WAITIN’ 4?

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