Tom & Erica

Tom & Erica is a Toronto based comedy duo comprised of Tom Hearn and Erica Gellert.


The Sketchy Show

The Sketchy Show is a monthly sketch show produced by Tom Hearn and Erica Gellert, highlighting Toronto’s BEST sketch comedy acts!


420 Comedy Festival

Tom is the Artistic Producer and creator of the 420 Comedy Festival. The festival has run two years in a row, has highlighted over 100 comedians and comedy acts over four days and SOLD OUT!


Kinsey Fail

Created by Tom Hearn and Anders Yates, Kinsey Fail is Toronto’s only LGBTQ improv show.


Combustion Festival

Tom stepped in as the 2017 Combustion Festival Producer at the Bad Dog Theatre Company! The festival featured improv acts from all over North America.



TKO is the kick-off to the Big City Improv Festival. Tom will be curating the performers for the TKO competition and producing the festival!


F%ck It Bucket

Produced by Tom Hearn and Erica Gellert, five improvisors and five stand-up comedians are welcomed to improvise three minutes of stand up – all based off audience suggestions!


The Pageant

The Pageant is Bad Dog Theatre Company’s holiday show. Tom produced a very successful run in 2016 and will be back at it again in the 2017 season.


Hook Up

Following a successful sold out run in Janurary and Febuary of 2017, Hook Up is now a monthly feature at the Bad Dog Theatre.



Tom wrote, produced, directed and starred in the web series MAMA!, which follows Ted – a twenty-something man who lives in his mom’s basement while he navigates his own life and his mama.


Musicals and Stage Pieces

Tom’s selected stage production credits include: RENT (Black Tie Productions), The Full Monty (Black Tie Productions), Evil Dead (Black Tie Productions), A Night on Broadway (Live Bait Theatre), and Broadway the 13th (Live Bait Theatre).